lunes, 10 de abril de 2017

Engine *Look 772*

La sumisión no puede expresarse con palabras. La dominación traslada esas palabras a sensaciones.

Decor : [Ds] XXL Engine Crane Trap 1.0

The XXL Engine Crane Trap is designed to suit any combination of Dom or sub.
Male Dom / female sub 
Female Dom / male sub 
Male Dom / male sub 
Female Dom / female sub
It also has solo poses to allow for your roleplay.
There is a built in help button with information about the system.
The included attachments will auto-wear if you are using the AvSitter experience and this trap features some unique ones - a fan belt spanker, a socket wrench dildo, a knife for a bit of edge play and a feather for tickling.
There is an optional rezzable engine - 23 Land Impact (not shown in prim count since it is not required) - it it is rezzed from the small Dictatorshop button at the base of the trap.
This item has two textures available - the default is "used/worn" and there is also a "new" one for those who might need it.
The XXL Engine Crane is suitable for most industrial settings, particularly garages or other automotive or motorcycle settings.

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